For a number of years, this property has been presented by various experts in mineral financing this way: The questions to ask as to the value of any mining claim or mineral project are:

1. How many tons of ore are there?
2. What is its value per ton?
3. What is the cost of recovery?

As of February 14, 2004 , the combined answer of questions 1 & 2 are: Measured Ore in place has a value of $14,685,647

Exciting as the surface values happen to be a $1.5 million drill program is needed to prove up the "Indicated Ore," to the estimated value of $222,096,970.

Mount 6380 unofficially named for its elevation photographed in September from the headwaters of Bowser Creek.

The minerals discovered by the U.S. Geological Survey (Zone S1) were exposed by the cutting action of the rock glacier, rounding the corner of the ridge shown center/left. The mountain is rugged, but the minerals is accessible by Caterpillar over the talus.

For scale, the two yellow dots in the meadow are three-man mountain tents.

Having been involved since 1968 with the development of the Bowser Creek mineral showing, as this scarn zone, and no longer directed by management that insisted in presenting a mining package, I am using this unusual media to present the property as it truly is a prospect that needs a drill program to prove/disprove the promise of locally rich surface esposures.

My name is Barry Murray (wearing the buffalo plaid shirt) a professional prospector/landsman since joining the uranium rush to Moab, Utah, in 1955. The geologist with me is Bob Keisvieter whose interest in how everything worked led him to being blown off of Mt. St. Helens, May 18, 1980.

Excuse the personal details, but this is the property of my life, and it is time to make it happen!

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