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This polymetallics report on the Win Group of Claims—Bowser Creek Alaska, was compiled in 2008 by Geologist Ricardo Villasenor. Geologist Daniel Cutshall is at work on documenting the Area #3 exposures as suggested by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, but this is still a work in progress.

Click here for a printable PDF of the Win Group of Claims polymetallic report.

The following report is an informal compilation of information and quotes taken from multiple geologic sources regarding the areas of the McGrath A2 Quadrangle district in Alaska, also known as Aniak. It also includes specific information about the Bowser Creek mineral project named the Win Group of Claims.

All the geologic reports about the Aniak area, private or government generated, have emphasized the importance of the Bowser Creek project based on the noteworthy mineral surface exposures. The area is only accessible by plane to a landing strip at the site or by land, over frozen ground, during the winter. The lack of roads has been the major factor contributing to the preservation of its mineral wealth. In the last three years however, the intensive mineral exploration has put the area on the forefront and it is likely that a large mine will be developed in the near future. The State of Alaska has expressed a commitment to build a road to connect remote areas for the specific purpose of developing proven ore.

Polymetallics Ore TargetsThe three dimensional geologic model of the Bowser Creek—Win Group of Claims project shown in this report, (Click on the graphic to the right for a larger view) is an idealized interpretation based on existing geologic surface maps and surrounding environments adjacent to the project. Information that is more specific can be found in printable Acrobat PDF documents at the following web link: http://www.silverminingclaims.com/documentation.html

The Bowser Creek—Win Group of Claims Polymetallic (Ag-Pb-Zn-Cu-Au) mineral project is located 142 miles Norwest of Anchorage, Alaska. The area is staked under the “Win Group of Claims ” covering approximately 3 sq miles. The Bowser Creek—Win Group of Claims project was discovered in 1967 by a U.S. Geological Survey Team. The project forms part of an extensive metallogenic province with significant mineralized areas, which are dotted with polymetallic and porphyry copper-gold outcrops, and geochemical anomalies containing rare earth and platinum group elements. Today the area represents one of the most actively explored districts by major companies in Alaska.

Geologically speaking, the Bowser Creek—Win Group of Claims project falls within the Cretaceous Porphyry Belt (CPB) in the Western Alaska Range. The Tintina and the Kuskowim Gold Belts, following the Denali fault, bind the CPB to the north, east and west.
The CPB metallogenic province region contains a variety of important mineral deposits, like the 4.1B ton Pebble Gold-Copper Porphyry Deposit and the 350M ton Orange Hill Copper-Molybdenum Porphyry Deposit (see map below).

In the McGrath district, surrounding the Bowser Creek—Win Group of Claims, more than 75 mineralized sites have been identified and currently mineral exploration is being conducted on the following projects:
Click here to see the table of surrounding projects currently under exploration by major mining companies

Click here to see the table of surrounding prospects

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