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By Bobby Murray


2008 was an exciting year for the Win Group of Claims at Bowser Creek Alaska as well as the whole McGrath Quadrangle region. This region is being called "the new hot spot" in Alaska by the mining publications. With International Tower Hill's BMP project (2 miles to the north of us, on strike) and their Terra project (15 miles to the south of us, on strike) progressing well. The Whistler project, 15 miles southeast of us, is moving into final stages of their exploration. The Chip Loy and the Robert PGM projects, 27 miles to the west of us, is continuing tWin Group of Claims mapheir explorations. (See the neighboring projects table for more details) This region is looking like it has the potential to attract the attention of the State of Alaska's Road To Resources act, (or some similar provision) which could get a much needed road to us all in the McGrath Quadrangle area to get our minerals to market.

Recently, the Win Group of Claims was expanded from 75, 40 acre claims to 167, 40 acre claims, for a total of 6,780 acres or 2,743.77 hectors. This increase was based on the findings of the USGS latest mineral research of the McGrath A2 Quadrangle region

The runway along the Post River was repaired enough this season to be able to fly a new Cat in come spring. The Cat that is already there is in the process of being repaired. Having 2 Cats will make short work of extending the runway back to it's original 5000 feet. Also the grandfathered road to the mineral show can go forward with this new machinery.

Geologist Ricardo Villasenor and Geologist Daniel Cutshall have completed their geological assay evaluations and have 8 drill sites targeted for the spring. At the same time the adit program as outlined by Geologist James Orr will commence, which will determine and provide the funds for, more drill targets in the future.

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